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KENSRI School is an educational institution for holistic development and excellence for global competition

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Welcome To KENSRI School

Dear prospective parent,

Thank you for considering KENSRI School for your child. We know that you have many options for your child's education but we hope that after learning more about our school you will choose KENSRI as your school family.

Admission Process: KENSRI School has four cardinal principles enshrined with the goal of treating all parents alike. These are:

  • NO INTERVIEWS from pre-primary to standard II
  • A FULL SERVICE SCHOOL (Academics, Sports, Arts, Leadership)

Our principle of first-come-first-serve makes sure that parents who are keen on partnering KENSRI School are accorded priority. We are happy that a lot of our parents are salaried employees or people who budget their resources to send their children to KENSRI School. This is the same with parents who are well to do and still want to maintain the values of inclusiveness for their children. All parents are treated equally regardless of their social, financial or educational status. They have learnt to respect these principles and have stood with us to protect the school. We thank them for their support. The only advantage the present parents enjoy is the priority of admission for registering the siblings of our present students. At KENSRI Students from Kindergarten to Class II have no interviews or entrance test. Students from class III onwards write an entrance test as per the CBSE syllabus, where they will be assessed in Science, Social Science, English, Hindi, Math, Finearts (Bharatnatyam/Percussion/Visual Art/Carnatic Music/Drama & Theatre/Media Arts) and Sports (Volleyball / Basketball / Cricket / Soccer/ Yoga / Athletics). Tennis and Swimming are individual sports and there will be a different fee structure. Admission to these classes will be given on the basis of their performance, to ensure that the child fits in with the level of the class. Please note: All new admission in the CBSE, Star performers program after Class III will compulsorily register into the After School Program to reach the curriculum level in sports and fine arts. This is to foster self confidence coming into a new school. Each step at the school is deliberate. CBSE regular - Pre KG to XII CBSE Star Performers - VI to IX (For high achievers only by selection) CBSE STANDUP - I to X

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