Visual Art are art forms that create work that are primarily visual in nature such as drawing, painting, sculpture, Design, and Craft. Do you have ambition & dedication to become a great artist? Come and join for visual art - age group 5 and above. Decorate your house, and develop your visualization to choose visual art as a Hobby, be an artist, art critic, art collector, art innovator…

  • filter_dramaLesson PLAN

    1 .Technique of easy ways of drawing.
    2 .Colour and Shading technique.
    3 .Composition of a drawing.
    4 .Proportion of a drawing.
    5 .Creativity.
    6 .Perspective drawing.
    7 .Sculpture and Relief.

  • whatshotProgramme

    After school program:  Types of drawing, Perspective drawing, Design, Shading, Colouring, and Painting.
    Week End program:  Portrait drawing, Life drawing, Still Life drawing, Craft etc….
    Holiday program:  Creative painting, Emboss work, Glass painting, POP mold and Carving etc…
    Summer Camp program:  Types of drawing, Design, Shading, Colouring, Glass painting, POP mold and Carving, Emboss work, Sculpting, and Paper craft etc…

S.Harish kumar Visual Arts faculty
HOD of Fine Art
S.Harish kumar

Mr. S. Harish Kumar, Visual Art faculty at KENSRI, is a graduate in BFA , A.Ed, and has over 6 years of experience. He is an artist, specialized in Paintings, Portrait, Caricature and Crafts. He has been exhibiting lot of shows in ChitraKalaParishat since 2008.

Many Students have successfully competed in interschool Competitions (NIE, ISCKON etc. ) and have won many prizes. Developed props, banners, charts, greeting cards, cut-outs for all the events of the school. An yearly Exhibition – “KENSRI Banna” is held where students exhibit their visual art skills.

  • Teams:

    Eligibility: Class III onwards, Achievement >80% in Academics and No demerits

    Team U10

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    Team U12

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    Team U14

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    Team U16

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    Team U18

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  • Design
  • Portrait
  • Landscape
  • Figure drawing
  • Add design painting
  • Sculpture
  • Perspective
  • Class II – Anirudh, Chandan Raju, Akhil Nidhi, Sanvi, Ananya Rathore, Om Prakash, Treya B
  • Class III – Sohan R Das, Mohitha R, Lyra Lipjo, Abhitha, Azmat, Sree Charvitha
  • Class IV – Tanya, Sonal K, Saya, Taman Shetty
  • Class V – Dhanya Girish, Ishika Roy, Ridit R Das, Sanvi, Spoorthi, Sriparna, Mohd Rehan Ansari, Aishwarya, Humeera
  • Class VI – Shushrutha, Arit, Vasumathy, Akshaya, Rajita, Guru Kevin
  • Class VII - Jane Jones, Aditya,Nesara, Kashvi, Laksmi Lipika
  • Class VIII - Bhoomika, Vihasini, Manya, Praful, Janya, Vishaka, Sameeksha, Nehashri
  • Class IX - Inika Roy, Achinthya, Vaishnavi, Maharshana, Muktha
  • Class X - Pranav Verma, Shreyas R, Keerthisree,Lakshya, Nazia Akbani, Shreya V