Age group (6 - 11) Classes II - VI

    Gunas.Abhyas@Svabhaya or Values.habits@Character is a scheme to develop humility-sincerity-punctuality and habits of KENSRI outcomes - Daily excellence, full SAAL days and "Giving back more than we get"!

    Sanathana Gyan Functional-formative-fundamentals by experience with TAPAS-Futures'-Star with regular-online-review.

    Learning blocks-ladders with Minimum Level of Learning (MLL) matched with unique and creative peer learning & presentations. Boundless real life examples!

    FLOW Formative Learning for Output/Outcome for Wisdom - Teacher and Student daily RAP partnership inside and outside class to do their best for each other.

    Habit Goal setting-achievement, & Review-Apply-Prepare (RAP)..

    Hobby/POWER - Innovative thinking

    Wellness to Olympics (Sports)
    Themeplay to Broadway – Pradarshan towards Arangetram (Arts)
    (Leadership) Skills / Creativity/ Responsibility Competition readiness for self-confidence-worth-expression

    Highest Award Daily Student

Daily Student-KENSRI-Pride
  • Labs
  • Sports
  • Finearts
  • Sanatan Gyan
  • TAPAS (Weekend Online exams)
  • Fun Trip
  • Field Trip
  • Assembly
  • Sports Day
  • Themeplay/KENFEST
  • KEN-Market
  • Nation Building
  • Team Banquet