Toppers 2018-19

Mission: To help students put their best foot forward with TAPAS Programme.

Senior Secondary -Fun-Personality Enhancement is a phase that helps the student to take risks for learning career goals. It is also a phase when the student has the quiet-humble-confidence of a true scholar-athlete-artist-leader. The student is now prepared for show casing excellence in a global setting.

Young Professionals :The students are treated and encouraged to make their own decisions. They are sent to internships, competitions, and new experiences to firm up their ability to make choices and decisions.

Competitive:During this stage the student is refined in the best methods to compete successfully and ethically. Classes and training would be held to help them with the processes.

Putting the best foot forward :Students are helped in making choices of higher learning and the school would help them in showcasing themselves either with their applications, resumes, letters of recommendations, international competitions, or to be featured for their accomplishments.


    - Learning Concepts Through Innovation (Power) & Case Study Method.
    - Tapas - Integrated Programme-signature programme towards building a deliberate intense and committed process for excellence
    - Leadership- Programme To Become A Socially Responsible Leadership
    - Internship- Gain Exposure To Real World Practices, Increase, Self Confidence & Develop Network Of Professional Associates.
    - Threshold Of Knowledge
    - Career guidance

  • Testimonials
    Ankitha M Anand
    Ankitha M Anand

    I am proud to be called a KENSRIite. Having studied in this school since second grade, it is responsible for my personality build up – confidence, frankness, team spirit and above all ‘Giving back more than I get’. The teachers have helped me in my every step, instilled interest in me, helped me build on my strengths and turned me from a nutshell to an outspoken person. It is the holistic development that makes it stand out among the rest. I owe all my success and achievements to this second home.

    Lakshya Sivaramakrishnan Master of Technology in IIIT-B
    Lakshya Sivaramakrishnan

    I joined KENSRI school when it was in its nascent stage. From being a shy introvert, I was transformed into an independent individual who could take her own decisions wisely. I developed interest in debating, event management, mentoring others, giving back to the community, leadership, public speaking etc. in addition to planning and managing academics quite well. These traits have been my strengths and have helped me have an upper edge after passing out, making me realize the importance of each of the extra-curricular activities we held in school.

    Aditya Ganesh Aditya Ganesh - NIT, Allahabad
    Aditya Ganesh

    One thing that can be said is that you learn to value KENSRI more after you graduate from there. It is when you find yourself more holistically mature than your peers and curse yourself for failing to grab those opportunities that were handed to you on a platter, that you understand why KENSRI pushed you so much. It is a blessing that students get lots of individual attention during their formative years as well as exposure to the all key aspects that are necessary to build the foundations for a successful life ahead. All I can say is that I am very thankful and proud that I studied at KENSRI.

Daily Student-KENSRI-Pride
  • Labs
  • Sports
  • Finearts
  • Internship
  • School Leadership
  • TAPAS(Integrated Programs)
  • I-LIKE (Healing Leadership)
  • Excellence Corporation/Threshold of Knowledge
  • ESCAPE/My Personality
  • Field Trip
  • Fun Trip
  • Assembly
  • Sports Day
  • Themeplay/KENFEST
  • KEN-Market
  • Nation Building
  • Graduation Day