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9th - 11th August 2023: Eye checkup
9-08-2023: Special Assembly - A tribute to Shreyas
5-08-2023: Shreyas Hareesh
2-08-2023: First Aid Workshop


Periodic Tests
KENSRI U16 Cricket winners of the tournament
28-07-2023: Early Review
28-07-2023: POWER - Round 1
03-07-2023: Gurupoornima celebration
01-07-2023: High Table


27-06-2023: Field trip to Bagalur Village class VII & VIII
26-06-2023: Field Trip for Class I, II - Park
26-06-2023: Oath Taking ceremony
24-06-2023: FUTURES (Academics) 1st Round - U-12, U-14
24-06-2023: PLUS programme for Pre Nursery
24-06-2023: PLUS programme for Degree
24-06-2023: PLUS programme for class 12/ PU II, SMP for class 12 & PU II
23-06-2023: High Table
23-06-2023: Field trip for class 5- GKVK / veterinary
23-06-2023: Field trip for class 6- Places we worship
22-06-2023: Field trip for class 8 - Metro village
22-06-2023: Field trip for class 7 - Weather station &
21-06-2023: Self-Introduction / Rapport Day
21-06-2023: Elections results
21-06-2023: Yoga Day
20-06-2023: Field trip for class 3 &  4- Planetarium
19-06-2023: Election for School President
19th - 21st June: Talent week
19-06-2023: Field Trip to Park: Class I & II
17-06-2023: PLUS Programme for PU 1/Class XI
17-06-2023- PLUS Programme & SMP for class X
10-06-2023: PLUS Programme for class IX
10-06-2023: PLUS Programme for class I & II
9-06-2023: Field Trip to Vishweshwaraiah Museum
June: Enrichment Month: Pre-Nursery to class II
2-06-2023: Field Trip to park (along with parents)
1-06-2023: My Album with parents - Pre-Nur to class II


31-05-2023: New students reopening - Pre-Nursery to class II
27-05-2023: PLUS Programme for classes VI, VII, VIII
26-05-2023: School reopens for STAND UP 1-8
26-05-2023: Medical & Dental for Class 11, 12, PU
25-05-2023: Medical & Dental Checkup - Class IX,X
25-06-2023: PU I & Class XI Classes Reopen
22-05-2023 to 24-05-2023Staff Workshop
19-05-2023: School reopens for NIOS Class I-VIII
15-05-2023: School reopens for HODs, DPs & NIOS staff


Summer Camp

TOPPERS 2022-23


Class X - TOPPERS -2022-23

Nirmal Reji
Ananya Ashoka
Vibha Vishwanath Hebbar


Hemang Dave

Manish Suthar
(Centum in Informatics Practices)

PU - TOPPERS - 2022-23

Bee Fathimath Rameeza
96.5% (Commerce)

Centum in Accountancy & Computer Science

Lochana Ranganath
95.7% (Science)
We are what we repeatedly do, success, therefore is not an art but a habit.






KENSRI U16 Cricket winners of the tournament

KENSRI U-16 boys won first prize in the inter school cricket tournament held on 28/07/2023.

Guru Poornima celebration

3rd of July marked the auspicious occasion of Guru Purnima, a day dedicated to honoring and offering our respects to our teachers.
Our honorable chief guest, Sreemathi Kanika Mary flagged off the event with an enthralling speech. Shloka chanting, several exhilarating dances and songs from the students made the occasion a grand affair. The students gave it their all on the stage and did not disappoint the audience in the slightest.
The event concluded in the best way possible as the teachers came on to the stage to shake a leg and show off their dance moves. It was truly a day to remember for both teachers and students.

By- Ronin Singh Sagolsem, Class XI (PCMB)

High Table

The High Table was conducted on 1st of July 2023.

All the newly elected leaders, CEOs, CFOs and COOs gathered in the Social lab along with the HOD’s. The event commenced with the handing over of files to the leaders from their respective mentors.

The new CEOs of the labs gave a short yet promising speech on their duties and the products they aim to develop for this academic year. The event concluded with a few words from the network leaders and the sports captain.

Oath taking ceremony 2023

The Oath taking ceremony for the academic year 2023-24 was held on 26th June 2023.

Students gathered to witness this propitious event. The newly elected leaders marched with great zeal and showcased maturity and confidence as they received their sashes with honor.

Our new President, Vidhi Kashyap, christened her first day with a captivating speech and vowed to uphold the legacy of her predecessor and strive to give her all. The resigning President, Aryan Kumar, now the school’s Brand Ambassador also graced us with his words.

The ceremony concluded with a few words from our Director Rohini Ma’am, congratulating the new leaders and a vote of thanks. The leaders left the complex with pride and the responsibility to carry out their duties faithfully.

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- An article by Ronin Singh Sagolsem, Class XI Science (Network: Europe)

Field Trip - Places of Worship

Field trips provide us with practical knowledge about our locality, culture and country.

On June 27th our school took us on a field trip to places of worship. We started at 9:00 AM on our school bus. First, we visited St. James Church which is near to our school. We saw statues of Jesus Christ who is a very important figure in Christianity. We drank holy water offered by the priest. Afterwards, we went to ISCKON Temple. We prayed to Lord Krishna and accepted prasadam. On the way, we also saw Gurudwara which is the holy place for Sikhs and Mosque as well whics is the holy place for Muslims. Finally, we came back to school.

India is a very diverse country. It houses various religions like Hinduism, Islam, Christianity, Buddhism etc. We should respect every religion and live with harmony.

By – Vaanya, Class - VII