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Preparing for American University

Too many international students and their parents assume adjusting into U.S. classrooms and culture will be easy, but ultimately find that assimilation is way more difficult than they expected. In fact, research indicates that unprepared international students can experience academic troubles, misconduct penalties, culture shock, poor health, and even depression.

KENSRI provides training for students to achieve their academic and language goals.

Apart from this, cultural training is also provided because it’s critical for their success and well-being.

Students get prepared to adjust faster with more confidence, more friends, higher grades, better communication skills, and a higher quality of life.

What you'll learn
  • Study skills, classroom etiquette, and presentation skills

  • How to write a college paper and take good class notes

  • How to get to know your American professor and earn better grades

  • Ways to prepare for quizzes and examinations in the US

  • US culture and communication skills

  • Time and health management skills

  • How to meet American friends and future employers

What you'll gain
  • A competitive advantage on your school application

  • A U.S. transcript record with up to three academic credits towards your degree

  • A letter of recommendations from U.S. professors

  • A certificate of completion for your job resume and employment applications

  • Priority admission to select U.S. schools

  • Discounted online university tuition and special scholarships

  • Professional readiness for employment

  • Essay
  • Resume
  • Career Goals