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Welcome to KEN Sports - Badminton.... Click for Brochure

Mission: This is the place where you learn to bring your game to the next level!

Badminton is a VERY FLEXIBLE game. You do not have to follow every technique by the book, or copy other players' technique. Some players have their own styles. You can modify certain techniques if you are familiar enough with it and execute them perfectly.

However, it's important to know and practice some advanced techniques that top players use during badminton games today. We have a fantastic work place, where commitment & innovation drive us to EXCELLENCE. In addition to coaching in Badminton, we are training children to improve quality in fitness constantly. Wonders never cease at KENSRI School and the fun never stops here.

Badminton for everyone
  • Net open to public

  • Lesson and equipment

  • Personal games evolutions

  • Better play guaranteed.

Beginners - Start with basic warmup
  • Badminton rules

  • Basic gripping technique

  • Basic footwork

  • Basic badminton strokes

  • Basic badminton strokes

  • Badminton serve

  • Basic stance

Intermediate - Starts with basic warmup

  • Badminton clear/lon and underarm forehand clear

  • Badminton drop

  • Badminton smash and jump smash

BADMINTON (backhand variations)
  • Badminton backhand clear/lob and underarm backhand clear

  • Backhand drop shot

  • Badminton backhand smash

  • Defending a Badminton smash

  • Defending smashes and powerful shots.

ADVANCE SKILLS - Starts with basic warmup
  • Badminton attacking clear

  • Advance Badminton net shot

  • Advanced Badminton drop shot

  • Badminton drive or push

  • Be in sports attire for their respective sports
  • Be 5 minutes before the class start their warmup
  • Maintain discipline during coaching
  • No uncomplimentary language to be used
  • carry jump rope, water bottle, practice book
  • Do not carry valuable items, vis mobile phone, watches, jewelleries etc.
  • Do not carry any carbonated drinks
  • Bring fitness and practice book for each class
  • Arrange sports equipments to its place after the class
  • Keep the facility clean