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Importance of "Guru Shisya Parampara"

Imagination of the feeling of the mind becomes expression when exhibited as a piece of art, drawing, writing a poem, singing, dancing or writing. This imagination happens even in physically handicapped people. A person who recognises this expression or the latent talent in a child is a real teacher.

Then the teacher encourages, nurtures and creates the thirst for knowledge in a student. This thirst can be evoked in any field like music, dance, art, sports or science. Then the students seeks the teachers who enlightens in that field till he reaches the goal. This is a challenge for both teacher and student. This relationship is called "Guru-Shishya-Parmapara" and the student reflects the teacher like an image in a mirror and the student identifies himself or belonging to that "gotra" or that school of thought - KENSRI

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