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“Your body swings to the rhythm of dance, the hands, the smile and your sparkling eyes ravish the soul which is a whirl, is taken by the sweet tinkling of the ankle bells to the feet of Lord Shiva” Come & join Kendance ! Opportunities & wonders never cease at Kensri School & the fun never stops here !

Dance is an art form transcending the barriers of language & cultures. The training ensures that all students have a strong basis of the dance style and indian culture. At the completion of the training the students are well prepared to perform their “Arangettam” – debut performance.

Lesson plan

1 .Practical’s & theories 2 .Introduction to ancient art form Bharatanatyam 3 .Combination of Bhava Raga Thala

Our goals
  • To examine the role and meaning of dance in social, cultural, and historical contexts through learning Bharatanatyam.

  • To identify unique qualities in Bharatanatyam,

  • To find ways of communicating meaning and express yourself

  • To improve physical and spiritual awareness

  • Enrichment Programme: Aim is to bring out the spiritual aspects of the art and uplift the child to perform a repertoire in bharatanatyam. Those who undergo training possess sound knowledge in the fundamentals of the art form will help them in future.

  • Everyday plan: According to the curriculum

  • Weekly Plan: Devarnama, viniyogas

  • Monthly plan: Pushpanjali, ganeshastuti

  • Holiday Plan: Keertanam, Padam

  • Adavus
  • Allaripu
  • Jatiswaram
  • Shabdam, Padams
  • Keerthanams
  • Tillana, Ashtapathi
  • Javali