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Welcome to KENSRI DRAMATIC ART EDUCATION.... Click for Brochure

Dramatic Art Education can be used to promote active learning in any subject. It gives the students a Kinaesthetic and Empathetic understanding as well as an intellectual understanding.

  • Improvisation of skills

  • Making creativity in problem solving

  • Developing tolerance and empathy

  • Understanding ideas about history and current events

  • Experimenting with new roles

  • Giving importance for values and culture

Lesson Plan
  • Theory

  • Practical

  • Mono act
  • One act play
  • Street play
  • Mime
  • Puppet show
  • Shadow play
  • Story telling
  • Speech and Action
  • Expressions
  • Dumb Charades
  • Script writing
  • Direction

A graduate from Mysore University with a diploma in acting from Mysore rangayana in 2001, Mahesh Kumar been involved in acting, direction and teaching for the last 10 years. Deeply interested in literature and translation, he has written several articles on theatre. In addition to devising, writing and directing several plays that have been state and nationally performed, he has conducted numerous workshops on acting. He is the founder of Rangachakra (Bangalore) and of the theatre group.