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What is Internship?

The Bachelor of Commerce, Management and Arts Internship program is a structured and supervised professional work/learn experience within a business environment, government department policies, or not-for-profit organization. The internship takes place between the successful completion of year-two and before the commencement of year-three studies. By then, it is expected that students will have gained the theoretical and technical knowledge as well as the initiative and understanding to contribute meaningfully in a ‘real-world’ business and management setting.

Industry specific Internship

Industry-based internships act as a bridge between the classroom theories and their practical applications in the workplace. They help deepen the student's understanding of the analytical concepts and tools, while also helping them hone their skills in the real-life situations.

Internship opportunities make the students able to receive high-quality job offers sooner. They help them to directly interact with corporate professionals and thus build a strong network for their first job

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