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Media Arts

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Media Art is an effective way of spontaneous communication of information in an easy way following the rules of etiquette.

  • concepts easily through topic-based videos and interactive animations

  • Test your understandings through games, puzzles and multiple choice questions

  • Get creative thinking

  • Improves reading skill , listening skill and speaking skill.

  • Improves confidence and self -discipline

  • Enrichment Programme: Carnatic music abounds in structured compositions in different ragas and thalas. Participants will get an exposure to develop their talents in creative music via musical concerts.

  • Everyday plan: According to the curriculum

  • Weekly Plan: Revisions of the earlier lessons. Introduction to other branches of music ¬– devarnama, divyanamavali and patriotic songs

  • Monthly plan: Revisions of all the above. Combined session with percussions

  • Conversation
  • Debate
  • Team Formation
  • Theatre based learning
  • Story telling
  • Creative thinking
  • Script writing