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Political Leadership

Effective political leadership is an essential ingredient of a vibrant democracy.

Steps to be taken to be successful in Indian Politics:
  • Join a party that best matches with your motive and ideology.

  • You will have to start small but your attitude defines your growth. Keep learning and contributing.

  • While working in the party, learn how to talk to people, what they want, and make contacts with them. Every locality has some enthusiastic who are ready to help the party by any means. Eg. Arranging a meeting with locality leaders, arranging for crowd when required etc.

  • You have to have convincing power so that people can trust you. There are people who are ready to abuse you just when you knock on their doors but how you handle it defines your character as a leader.

  • Once you are famous in the local people contribute with other ways to the party and show your strength as a leader in some meeting or rallies by gathering large crowds.

  • Dhruva K Kumar
  • Swathi V
  • Momina K
  • N Keerthi Chowdary