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The KENSRI Trust, epitomizing the philosophy of its visionary leader, Founder-President, Mr. Srish Kumar, the man who is rooted in Indian values and fundamentals, yet global in vision offers scholarships to the students par excellence in Sports, Fine arts and Academics. Scholarships are a medium to nurture the culture where success does not come in the way of the need to continue learning afresh, to keep innovating, to keep experimenting, transcending the conventional barriers of education, to create leaders and personalities, and to encourage them to achieve national and international accolades.

Schloarship Eligibility
  1. Students who are placed in the Top 5 in the National list in their chosen field of excellence will receive 95 to 100 % tuition fee waiver.
  2. Students who are placed in the Top 5 in the state list in their chosen field of excellence will receive 75 % tuition fee waiver.
  3. Students who are from the rural background and belong to schedule castes and schedule tribes are eligible to avail tuition fee waiver up to 75% if they have an excellent and consistent academic record and extracurricular achievements.

Please submit an application along with a copy of all your certificates and accomplishments to the College office by March 30 every year, to avail the scholarship.

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  • Recognition
  • Financial Assistance
  • Focus on Goals
  • Decreases Future Debt
  • Admission in Popular Universities
  • Enhance the Resume
  • Finds Job Easily
  • Developing the Personality
  • Connect and network with people
  • Give back to society